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is the death of former ravens owner, art modell.this is a story we've been covering closely... ever since news broke early this morning. morning.tom rodgers is here with more on is cause of death... and the mark he's leaving on the ccmmunity. modell died early this morning from heart failure.his sons were byyhis side at johhs hopkins when modell passed away at 4 a-m.modell will always be remembered as the mmn that brought professional football back tt baltimore. baltimore.joining us on thee phone right nnw is brad jackson... former raven linebacker.. joins us on the phone with more on the former owner. what memorres do you have of art modell?he helped build the ravees into thh super bowl the ravens into the suppr bowl team you played &pon... that must have been a special time.1998-2001 according to the baltimore ravens... davvd modell... art's son... says he was there when his dad took his final breath.he said quote- "my &pbbother john and i were with him when he finally rejoinee the absolute love of his life, my mother pat modell."all over pacebook... people are reacting to his
for baltimore city's casino. wbal-tv 11 news. >> the sons of the original owner of the baltimore ravens are paying tribute to their data. >> they were by his side when he died thursday morning. they're talking about his contributions. will live with the story. >> david and john modell : mutual respect. they say their father cared a lot about baltimore as well. >> you really love you guys. >> the former ravens ravensdavid modell and his brother john shared memories of their father. >> his passing was peaceful and mercifully quick. i think he had a dinner appointment with my mother and wanted to get on with it. he missed her so terribly. now they are together, having a few laughs at our expense. >> all larger than life portrait of art modell hangs at the entrance to the facility. he died thursday morning. the ravenss tenure, won the super bowl in 2001. his family says they just want him to know how much they loved him and how much baltimore appreciated him. >> we had a moment with my father at the hospital with four players, the head coach, the owner. that easily rivaled my father receivi
. >> the ravens and eagles mix it up in philly. tell us what you think. >> it looks like the party is over after a week of gorgeous weather. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. i am jennifer franciotti. >> i am stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> the weather will change. >> we had a great stretch. >> things are getting a little dry. the rain is on the way. we have clear skies this morning. a few sprinkles around roanoke and approaching richmond. the air is pretty dry. the significant rain is in tennessee and near the gulf coast. some showers and thunderstorms in minnesota appeared that will come together and affect our forecast eventually. here is sarah caldwell. >> right now we're off to a pretty smooth start at the major roadways. right here at pulaski highway, word of an accident at middle river road. this one wrapping up in the city at exeter st.. monument street is closed ne
for the ravens' week two loss to the eagles? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> we are keeping a close eye >> good morning. we have clear skies this morning. a couple of suburban upper 40's out there. 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. a great start to the day. you can see the chilly temperatures from new england down to our region. pittsburgh, 47. 60's south and west of us. rain in chicago and tampa and atlanta. everybody else looks dry today. a big storm is developing. that will change for the mid- atlantic region. details are just ahead. >> continuing efforts to help reduce west nile virus will include more spraying this week. >> this will help reduce exposure to west nile. 10 people so far this year tested positive for the virus when they went to donate blood. two people have died. too much sodium is not good for your health. >> the association is stronger for kids that are overweight. 37% of kids were overweight or obese. boys tended to have more sodium in their diets than girls. >> the orioles tried to avoid a sw
the block presumably at somebody else. >> are you ready for some football? the ravens take the field tonight for their season opener against cincinnati. kim dacey is live this morning. >> the game tonight is important because it sets the stage for the rest of the season for the ravens. it is also the first time the ravens will play since the death of art modell last week. on saturday, m&t bank stadium was filled with hundreds of people paying their respects to the original ravens owner. he died last week. his flag-draped casket was placed at the 50-yard line along with the lombardi trophy from the ravens 2001 super bowl win. tonight there will be several tributes to modell at the game, including a moment of silence. players will wear decals honoring modell on the back of their helmets. coaches will wear pins bearing his name. before the game, michael phelps will also be honored as an honorary captain. after winning two games in the preseaon, the ravens players are ready and confident it will be another good year. ray lewis says joe flacco has taken a big step this season. >> more vocal. joe
on the field just-in-time for tonight's raven's game against the browns. we have a breakdown of the marathon negotiations that may have saved the season. >> confirmation today that the nfl is officially back to normal. >> do i looked relieved? >> finally, some laughter and relief after three rough weeks with replacement referees. he blown calls, confusion, and chaos. >> the referee is going to have to get this thing out of control -- under control. >> perhaps the loudest and the strongest voice came from frustrated fans. >> this is an example of something that never happens in sports anymore. they actually listened to their customers. >> they ended their official standoff last night, agreeing to raise their pay and protect the current pension plan, allowing the real referees to get back to work. >> they do a good job what they do, having those guys back will be good. >> pressure reached its peak after what most agree was a mistake on behalf of officials on last monday night postgame. >> who do they give it to? >> robbing at the green bay packers of the wind. >> there's no way they could send
of perfection. de la liga, el objetivo es que lamentablemente hoy dÍa los some of the ravens were on hand. lewis, reed, and brady marquee names on this sunday night in baltimore. a fake toss to boldin. a slant caught on the outside by lloyd. first down. let's go back to the fourth down stop. >> cris: yeah, it was the pressure by mayo that forced vonta leach here and basically left patrick chung alone on the ends of the line of scrimmage to make the tackle. the inside pressure by mayo is really what made that play. >> al: first and ten at the 47. lloyd has caught nine balls now for 109. welker 6 for 120. so two receivers in triple figures tonight. this is the rookie bolden who scored his first nfl touchdown in the first half. ngata makes the tackle. belichick normally with a lot of veterans on his team. this is about the youngest team that bill has had. we asked him last night. he said, yeah, he would have to think this was the youngest on balance in his 13 seasons in new england. >> cris: i thought they needed to get young, especially on defense. you can see the energy level on that side maintai
>>> ravens and bangles tonight. first game of the season. fans are pumped. the team is prepared. dedicated to the man who brought football to this town. >> gelden boy, honored today, we got the details on how michael phelps and olympians are getting a congratulations later. >> legacy of love. thank you for joining us. i hope you had a great weekend. lynette did good this weekend. >> unfortunately, the traffic is starting to pick up on the main lines. we have the ravens game. expect a lot of congestion downtown, near mt bank stadium. >> let us know how to drive. >> the sweater, the sweater, in to the afternoon, take a light jacket. i have the jacket. this morning, this is what we are working with. temperatures in the 50s. a taste of fall, 53 in glennwood. 55 owings mills. the temperatures will get warmer throughout the day. coming in a little bit below where we should be. plenty of sunshine, making it feel nice and comfortable outside. the most powerful radar is dry. we will stay that way as we go through the afternoon and this trend is going to stick around through the next seve
over to harford road where it meets the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the ravens kickoff their regular-season later tonight. >> there will be more than just football taking place tonight. kim dacey is live with the details. >> the game tonight is important stagese it sets the s for the rest of the season. m&t bank stadium was filled with people paying their respects to art modell. he died last week. tonight there will be several streets to art modell including a moment of silence. players will wear details honoring art modell. michael phelps will be honored as an honorary captain. after winning the two games, the ravens players are ready and confident it will be another good year. joe flacco has taken a big step this season. >> more vocal. he is more loose. i think bringing jim caldwell here, it gives joe and a lot of flexibility to not just can take control of the offense. >> the ravens will take the field at m&t bank stadium against cincinnati tonight at 7:00 p.m. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> what are your predictions for the ravens' 2012-2013 season? you can
.../// but... delegate ...emmett burns ... wrote... a. letter... to... the ravens.. asking... owner... steve bisciotti.../ to... stifle his player's... comments..../// one... fan... defends... the raven's... stand. (fortney) "he was st saying 'hey, this is how i feel about it, and he was taing about equal rights, easn't sayyng he's siding wh same sex marrra necessarily, he was just sayinequal rights, n i feel ke leave him alone, if they want to eress their opinions, they have every right to do that." that."marylander voters... will decide... whether to legalize... ame- sex maariage... this november. p3 (band aying sublime's 'what i t') got')the sounds and smell.. of... football season are back...//.thousands of rave fans fired up the grills./.. put on... the... face paint.../ &pand... dusted off the tlgate... to... gep fans ...called out of work me today... for the sen cllck kickoff. tim berkeridge, ravens fan: "is excitin it's a good timeit's a gre day to be out celebratg withriends, coworke, family." / kyle bolyd, ravens fan: "re excited. gotta get
ravens parking, close and cheap. paying for a spot for both could and up getting you towed if you're not careful. joce sterman last a warning that you need to see before you hand over cash neither stadium. >> reporter: just because someone has a sign selling cheap spots doesn't mean you're good to g some are scammers. with 70,000 fans trying to get into m&t bank stadium, parking is at a premium. in some lot owners sell the spots. in other cases scammers take over, charge you cash, bail and your car is towed. the city is trying to shut down that type skin and sending out enforcers. lot owners need to provide a receipt, staff an attendant during the entire event and pay the city a share of the profits. >> any legitimate lot operator is paying taxes and have pulled a permit. they should be able to demonstrate they're a legal lot. if they don't have that i would probably move on. >> reporter: to protect yourself, ask for a receipt to prove you paid to pancht ask the attend daunt if someone will be monitoring it and ask for prove that they will pay the parking tax. you can also take th
's and ravens and weather we have got to have a good weekend, lynette. >>it solution. orange or -- i knowit solution to the problem -- i know. i have the solution to the problem orange or purple, i have them both. we are dry around here, traveling to pennsylvania, you will deal with severe thunderstorm warning across the area. and we are going to be mainly dry as we go through the day. we are looking pretty good for the game tonight as we look at temperatures right now coming in at 68 degrees easton at 66. frederick at 69 degrees. and the winds are calm for the most part. they may pick up more out of the south throughout the day. not a bad day except we are going to get hot. it's a little humid out there. and we are waking up to patchy fog this morning. and as we go into lunchtime, the temperature at 86 degrees. and we are going to go with the sun-cloud mix throughout the day. let's check the abc2 time savor traffic -- timesaver traffic with mike masco. >> reporter: construction delays. east of town and that's 695 at maryland 702. morning construction that's ongoing. that's going to start t
the ravens family. less than 24 hours after wide reciever torrey smith finds out his brother died in a motorcycle accident... he plays, and leads the team to a 31-30 victory over the patriots. patriots. from a ery young aae... torrey smith helped raise his younger siblings... so some are comparing the decided to play... and what a game he had. torrey smith says he didn't know if he would play until he got to the stadium around 4:00 in the it would be what his brother wanted.-- on to the game, and it did not start pretty forr the home team. brrndon bolden foorthe pats punches in a 2 yard patriots in the first quarter. -- it woud be 13- 0 in the second when joe flacco oes up top...a 25 yard touchdown to you guessed it.... torrey smith! he takes a knee, and says a prayer after the score. score.-- lattr the ravens strike agaan through the air... ttis time, 20 yards to dennis pitta. it's 14-13 ravens, but the patriots led 20-14 at the end of the half. -- in the 3rd quarter after a ray rice touchdown, the patriots re-take the lead on this danny woodhead 3 yard run. 27-21 patriots.
morning joel d. 3 3 3 3 3 3 a hard loss for the ravens in ! philly!it ended with a 24 to 23 win forrphiladelphia... either side. side. pushing, shoving and fighting now ray lewis and joe flacco - say the replacement refs are to blame. some controversial plays involved a raven t-d pass to jacoby jones called for offensive pass interference .but even though it was a tough loss... one raven stood out..roooie kicker justin tucker had three kicks... a 48..51 ..and a 56 yarder at the nd of the half. ... tuckee's 56-yard field goal tied wade richey for longest in ravens history ravens host new england this sunday night.england this ravens host new england this sunday night. that brings us to our question of the you think the outcome of the game would have been different with regular refs? phone lines are open now...the number to call 410-481- 4545. a california high school senior uses his pet bunny s &pan inspiration in devising a trull unique senior prank. find out why the high school principal loves it! it! [ chirps ] ♪ [ chirping ] [ chirping ] ♪ [ chirping ]
. ravens game was full of emotion, on and off the field. less than 24 hours before their prime-time match against the patriots, wide receiver torrey smith learned of the death of his 19-year-old brother. >> it was an exhausting evening. lowell melser has fan reaction from m&t bank stadium. >> while ravens fans are happy with sunday night's win, it was an emotional roller-coaster. a horrible officiating, as some call it, and the last minute, game-winning field goal. sunday night's ravens-patriots .ame was fuelled by emotion >> i was excited and happy for them. i thought they were going to lose. >> is exciting because the score was close. it was really exciting it was anything but a normal game. before getting started, disturbing new saturday concerning torrey smith that his brother was killed and a motorcycle accident. he posted "i cannot believe my little brother is gone. be thankful for your loved ones and tell them you love them." he decided to play, and he put up amazing numbers, including two touchdowns. >> i am just glad i was here with my family, and i look forward to going onto the
have the ravens game at 7:00. do expect congestion, surrounding mt bank stadium, kick off at 7:00. pretty packed i'm sure with tailgaters soon. if you are using 95, a live look at 395, no significant delays here, fort mc henry starting to slow down and the congestion will continue on 695, inner loop slow, as you travel from the highway to the key bridge toll plaza. a look at wilkins a, it's going to take you 13 minutes from 795, towards 95. no delays now on the beltway from parkville, up to towson, if you are using the jfx to get downtown, a 12 minute ride from 695, to fayette street. >>> love a good bargain? before you head out and go shopping, abc 2 news is working for you to help you tak advantage of sales in september. this is the time to do it. renae marsh is live with a list of things you might be able to save on. >> reporter: this list is coming from, we have about 3 weeks to seek out these bargains we will tell you about. on the top of the list, car, did you know, that september is when most dealerships get the new stock of car for the following year. now, deal
with the family dog, and watched last night's ravens game. ravens' fans waited eight long months. joe flacco led the offense that overwhelmed cincinnati monday .ight appearedh defense did not disappoint. there is an interception by ed reed. that this court to 44-13. keith mills will have reaction from the win. >> art modell will be laid to rest later today. kim dacey is live with details on the funeral. good morning. >> good morning. the final farewell to art modell is here at the baltimore hebrew congregation. the synagogue has been preparing for a large gathering to say goodbye to the former ravens owner and supportive family. -- and support his family. rabbi andrew busch will preside over the funeral. ceremonies to honor modell have been going on since his death on thursday at the age of 87. there was a moment of silence at the game last night. the players wore decals honoring art modell on their helmets and art pins on their uniforms. today rabbi busch says the focus will be on his larger- than-life personality along with the relationships he built and his many contributions. >> jewish tradi
will have a report later tonight. >> gerry sandusky has a preview in prime time. ravens irst, i twtwo spent some time in the community. >> it will looks like we will have a few more thunderstorms this week. the seven day is coming up. right now is 82 at the airport. >> you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. with rod daniels and don hamilton, your forecast with tom tasselmyer, and sports with gerry sandusky. oó >> the baltimore ravens kick off the season in six days but today biggest are spent the day on the community. ray rice gave away free tickets to monday's home opener. they also got a sign football and had their picture taken. >> the other ray spent the day with some students. he handed out 200 backpacks to students in west baltimore. they say they enjoy giving back to the community. >> it is great to give somebody a ticket to the game. obviously, me being a partner with them, they get to see me. you know what, it was great. they get to see me in my normal attire because monday night that will be a different person. >> just to make them smile, the bottom line. >> the ravens ope
... practice today.../ as... the ravens... get eady for their season opener... against the bengals.../art... modell... was the biggest driving force... behind monday which... is... when the ravens... hoot cincinatti.../ he... was... a... true visionary of the game.../ but he was so much more to the people who knew him... 3 former ... ravens president.../ david.../ - released... this stttement.../// "'poppy'... was... a special man... who....was loved... by his sons,.../ his... daughter-in-law... michelle,.../ and... his six grandchildren.... grandchildren...//. he... was... adored by ...the entire baltimore community... &p and generossty..../ and,.../ he... loved baltimore.../. made he... important... and... indelible contribution... to... the lives... of his children,.../ grandchildren ... and... his entire community. .../ we... will miss him." 3 fans... have... been quiik... to react ... to... the passing... of... art modell.../.. jeff abell... has been... gauging
. the ravens needed a miracle drive to come back against the patriots. >> it was just incredible. justin tucker was in the pressure cooker. he lined up for the chip shot. billy cundiff would once again prevail. inside the goal post. the ravens knockoff the pats. keith mills will have more later in sports. torrey smith scored two touchdowns last night. >> his on the field heroics work over showered -- overshadowed by the death of his brother. >> no one including smith was sure he would take the field last night. he did not decide until late yesterday afternoon. he got about an hour of sleep. his brother was killed in a crash. tevin jones was riding his motorcycle when he ran off the road and hit a utility pole. he was wearing a helmet and alcohol was not a factor. torrey smith rushed to be with his family. he went to the stadium and decided to take the field and he had a great game. smith had two two downs. his first of the season -- if had two touchdowns. >> the more comfortable i started to feel. i am gladi came back up here. i think it helped me out a lot. >> after the game, torrey smith said
greenspringwilkens 395map 3 3 3 phat an emotional night for the ravens family. less than 24 hours after wide recievee brother died in a motorcycle accident... he plays, and victory over the patriots. patriots. from a very young age... torrey smith helped raise his younger siblings... so somm are comparing the death to losing a child... not just a bbother. but he decided to play... and what a game he had. torrey smith says he didn't know if he would play until he got to the stadium around 4:00 in the afternoon.... then felt like it would be what his brother wanted.-- on to the game, and it did not start pretty for the home team. brandon bolden for the pats punches in a 2 yard touchdown and it's 10-0 patrrots in the first quarterr -- it woud be 13- 0 in the second when joe flacco goes up top...a 25 yard touchdown to you guessed it.... torrey smith! he takes a knee, and says a prayer after the score. score.-- later the ravens strike again through the air... this time, 20 yards to dennis pitta. it's 14-13 rrvens, but the patriots led 20-14 at the end of the half. -- in the 3rd quaater
of the title with raven's players. >> and joe flateau looked like an early quarterback. >> flacco might have a big contract in front of him. an affirmative vote of forthcoming as they routed the bengals largely behind. 17-3, he did it twice. >> perfect passes with a touchdown, he was involved as well. with the interception going the other way, the nfl's all-time leader is said to return yardage. with no worries, the attention after words, he and the coach both very happy. >> i don't concern myself with that stuff. we played pretty damn good every week. we are 99 yards, whatever it is. glued bottom line, go up there and played hard. >> it is easy for the pundits and the prognosticators, that is what you do. you try to figure it out. joe flacco is a great player. he has been. sure he is, of course he is. >> flacco one yard shy of history tonight. he would have said the new franchise record for the most career 300 yard games, a feat he will have to postpone until next week. >> i have a chance to catch up with the other tight end with a touchdown today. >> a big night of smiles as the ravens ope
. >> of the ravens are on national tv again on thursday night, a game you will see here. a facebook campaign is circulating to get fans to leave their seats for the first few minutes of the game to show the league they won't stand for another week of replacement officials. >> the ravens take on the browns thursday night. if you don't have tickets, we happen to have a front row seat for you. live coverage begins with the ravens countdown right here on wbal. a baltimore county executive and the police chief are speaking out about their private-like situation sunday morning. he was blaming the theater owners for licensing the route to a third party and is threatening their liquor license. we've got the latest now from downtown towson. >> witnesses described as a chaotic scene. streets like allegheny street here were mobbed with people. pending the outcome of a police investigation, the county executive says it is possible the theater could go in front of the liquor board to face sanctions. this as area businesses are defending the theater. an active downtown towson towson tuesday afternoon just
>> the rematch between the ravens and patriots played out -- more from the dramatic win. >> it was an emotional win at the stadium. i am kim dacey live with details. >> both campaigns set their sights on ohio this week. >> is there some rain in the future? [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> will today stay dry? >> it will around baltimore. there are some sprinkles north of the state line. northern parts of 83 men have to watch out for some wet weather. it is dry around baltimore. 53 at the airport. high temperature around 70 degrees. just a few clouds in the sky. the sky clears out this afternoon. >> thank you. good morning. we had a disabled vehicle clear from the fort mchenry toll plaza. 50 miles per hour moving towards the fort mchenry tunnel. we have an accident at reisterstown road and
... to... former ...ravens owner ... art modell... / &p before... tonight's... season opener opener 3 a moment of silence... to... remember art modell...//.he... died last week....//he startedd.. in football... as... owner... of the cleveland browns...//.when ...he bought the team... , he... didn't have... a lot of money../.....but... he found... a sympathetic banker iq: he took a liking to meoq: i ttink you're going to do it ... and he gave meethe credit you... can watch... art moddll's funeral... tomorroww.. online.../. &pwe'll... strea it live... starting at 11 a-m./ fox- bbltimore dot com 3 (band playing sublime's 'what i got') &pgot')the sounds and smells... of... football season are back...//.thousands of ravens fans fired up the grills./..put on... the... face paint.../and... dusted off the tailgate... to... gear up for the 20-12 season.../.some fans ...called out of work today... for the seven o'clock kickoff. tii berkeridge, ravens fan: "it's exciting. it's a good time. it's a great day to be out celebrating with friends, cow
on traffic pulse 11. >> the ravens take care of business in their regular-season debut. had theodell's memory team firing on all cylinders. joe flacco throws a perfect pass to anquan boldin for a touchdown. that put the ravens up 17-3. the offense and the defense look good. ed reed picked off a pass from andy dalton and takes it in for the score. that put the ravens up for good. keith mills will have reaction coming up later in sports. there was a ceremony before the game. >> kim dacey is live where past and present ravens will gather later today for the funeral of art modell. >> the final fire roll is here at the baltimore hebrew congregation. they have been preparing for a large gathering to say by to the former ravens owner. the ceremony will honor art modell. he was 87. there was a moment of silence at the game last night. the players wore a decals on the back of their helmets. the focus will be on his larger- than-life personality and his many contributions. >> jewish tradition teaches us our funerals are the same matter who we are, whether we're someone who lived a quiet life. i think h
the regular referee is back on the field sunday. that will not help the ravens tomorrow. it will not help the new england patriots coach who was fined for "and acceptable physical contact with the referee" following sunday night's game against the ravens. the ravens take on the browns' tomorrow night. the ravens are very intense on keeping -- very intent on keeping the grounds without a win this season. the ravens remember when they had a rookie quarterback, but they did with the ball. they handed off to the running back a lot. they expect the grounds to do the same tomorrow. >> me, i am focusing on trenton. he is a good running back. i do not to take anything away from the quarterback. that you know, like we always say. you start running. ont is what we're focusing keeping >> for the game, china's right here on tv 114 ravens countdown -- china's right here on tv 11 for ravens countdown. we will also be on wbal radio and 98 rock. let's see if they cannot keep the adrenaline going for the fans in the stadium. the forecast is straight ahead. >> here's a look that what we're working on for l
at 3 3 3 33 3 map belairwilkens fiber 3 mmp 3 3 the ravens support a teammate.... and then heeleads them to a comeback win over &pthe new england patriots in a emotional night at m&t bank after wide reciever torrey urs smith finds out his 19 year old brother died in a motorcycle accident.... he plays, and leads the team to a &p31-30 victory over the patrio. patriots.torrey smith says he didn't know if he would play until he got to the stadium aaound 4:00 in the afternoon.... then felt like it would be what his brother wanted.-- the patriots started fast, and led 13-0 in the second quarter when joe flacco gets the ravens on the torrey smith pulls in the 25 yard pass and takes a knee, to say a prayer after the score. -- later the ravens strike time, 20 yards to dennis this pitta. it's 14-13 ravenn, then, but the patriots led 20- in the 3rd quarter after a ray rice touchhown, the patriots re-ttke the lead on this danny woodhead 3 yard run. 27-21 patriots. they wwuld add a field goal and lead 30-21 in the fourth quarter.-- but flacco and smith were not goi
. on first down, swing pass is dropped by ridley. best possible result for the ravens, not only incomplete, but it it stops the clock at 3:57. >> cris: the other thing is they got rob gronkowski in blocking now. here is a record-setting tight end and because of all the pressure that the ravens have been bringing, they basically now just said we got to run him inside and just help block. >> al: second and ten with an empty backfield. >> cris: they got a problem on this one. >> al: and welker to the 31 yard line. tackled by pollard. again, it's wes welker having a tremendous night. >> cris: bernard pollard was trying to scream at his defense back saying nobody is over here. we got a guy that led the nfl in catches last year and nobody guarded him for a give-away first down. they just screwed up the -- >> al: eight receptions and 142 yards and work on the clock. ravens with all of their time-outs and two-minute warning. toss to ridley. blocking out in front. administration is sifting through the trash is upshaw and stop for a two-yard gain. second down. >> cris: boy i tell you what, that is g
football here in charm city. we will see how fans are ready to celebrate and get ready for the ravens and bangles. >>> where you can go to show appreciation for maryland, olympic athletes. those stories straight ahead on this monday, september 10th. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. hopefully you had a great weekend, especially yesterday and got outside to enjoy the glorious sunshine. >> people want this weather to hang around. >> i can do it. i'm going to deliver it. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. we will continue that trend as we head through the rest of today. the ravens game is going to be spectacular. get out and enjoy it. this is what we have in towson with the temperature around 54 degrees. look at the dew point, 49, we are dealing with crisp air this morning. look at what we have in baltimore with the temperature around 60 degrees. dew point 51. the winds northwest at 8 miles an hour. our last stop this morning takes us to sykesville, temperature at 57 degrees. dew point 51. we have the winds north at 8 miles an hour. here is the fore
... baltimore raven.../ for... publicly... supporting ... same-sex ...marriige. ...marriage.linebacker... "brendon... payanbadejo"... recorded... a video... supporting... the state law.../// but... delegate ...emmett burns ... wrote... a... letter... to... the ravens.../ asking... owner... steve bisciotti.../ to... stifle his player's... comments..../// one... defends... tte raven's... stand.. (fortney) "he was just saying 'hey, this is how i feel about it, and he was talking about equal rights, he wasn't saying he's iding with same sex marriage necessarily, he was just saying equal rights, and i feel like leave him alone, if they want to express their ooinions, they have every right to do that." that."marylander voters... will decide... whether to legalize... same- sex marriage... this november. 3 the... ravens... had to wait... the...entire... off- season.../ to... gett.. their chance. baltimore... welcomes ...cincinnatti... to... m and t... bank stadiumm.. tonight.../ in... the... first game... off.. a... monday night... double- header....///
a lot of congestion downtown. we have the ravens game at 7:00, mt bank stadium, packed, right now, it will be nice and clear. here is a live look at 95, fort mc henry tunnel. no delays, harbor, going to be in great shape. that's a look at your time saver traffic, stay with us, more coming up on good morning maryland. i'll get a build your own burger with something cheesy... but not just cheese - mac and cheese. then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's. but it makes millions off west marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. ile saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. >>> sherrie johnson is live talking to fans about everything that's going on tonight. imagi
of the ravens died early this morning at the age of 87. jamie takes a look back. >> reporter: he gave us what we wanted. >> i said in five-years we will be an elite team. >> reporter: we became his family. > ladies and gentlemen, the ravens. >> reporter: when he named the team 17 years ago, a love affair was born. football was back in the town. nobody knew art better than tom. >> my thought was probably the key owner of all the nfl for what he did to football. >> reporter: he loved this game. it's ironic the man credited with starting monday nights football would have his team starting this monday night. >> he was such a great contributor to what the nfl is today it's unbelievable. we had a very special relationship and the guy was so special and why he isn't in the hall of fame is sinful. >> reporter: the browns and the player who paid still love the man to this day. >> art has been a friend of mine. he has come to my rescue. >> reporter: he would sell his share in the ravens, hand picking steve to take over ownership. >> he is a good mine. i think people will like him. he is an honest ma
grill, stuck up on plastic cups, and get the footballs and frisbee is out of the garage. the ravens season awaits in the wings. and byrd land is all aflutter with the pennant race at camden yards. a massive sports weekend here in baltimore. we are live at oriole park, where the orioles unfortunately give up their first place standard. >> it is a purple and orange friday. this weekend marks the beginning of what should be a really fun fall. >> there is orange and purple. baltimore is on fire. it is exciting. >> i am definitely in overload. i am loving it. >> from the yard to the bank. for the first time in 15 years, baltimore sports teams have two teams to care about in september. >> it is the best time right now. it is the best baseball has been in my lifetime. >> it is all i can think about. >> the ravens several the lately, as purple friday has become a tradition. with the orioles pushing for the playoffs, city hall was lit up orange. so was the mission building. who are you more excited about? >> it is a tossup. we finally got some orioles success. this will be a great night at t
in there against the zone defense, there is almost always a hole in there. typically, against the baltimore ravens, when suggs was here, you would not have that much time to make that throw. you wouldn't even attempt it. >> al: with 13 seconds left, welker is 3 for 96. brady has thrown for 207 yards. there is suggs on the sideline. first and goal. they still have a time-out. >> cris: brady with ellerbe looks like on man coverage on gronkows gronkowski. >> al: brady stepping away and pressure this time. pass is thrown out of the end zone. seven seconds. you have a time-out. do you take one quick shot or not? it appears they will. >> cris: gronkowski here. i think you'll see ellerbe in man coverage on him. as we saw earlier, you have ed reed over the top. a good job by ellerbe. >> al: this has been to be a very fast developing play. before you have it, you've got the ravens who want to take a look at the offensive set, taking a defensive time-out. >> referee: time-out, baltimore. >> al: brady knows he has to finish whatever he is going to do in no more six seconds. >> cris: yes. this is when you tru
legend... has died.the details just pouring into our newsroom... about former ravens owner, art modell. &p"we are here to nomiite a president, (cheers) and i've got one in mind." mind." democrats are gearing up... for president obama's acceptance speech.why tonight's speech... is beinn &pmoved.and the reason it's drawing critics. and it's the biggest day for the orioles in á15 years.á we'll explain why... and what the team is diong to honor a baseball legend today. &p3 3 thursday, september 6th 3 3 33 3 3 3 3 baltimore ravens owner, art ws - modell... haa died. died.modell was 87 years oll... bruce cunningham gives uu a look back into his life... life... ((ttke pkg)) 3 -art modell meent a lot to this city-people are facebook page... megan has more on theirrreaction. peaction. good morninggguys,peoole all over baltimore... and across the nation are waking up with heavy hearts this morning... hearing this news.this is the tt baltimore. baltimmre.on our facebook page... people are sharing their memories:--craig ssys: i had the privilege of knowing mr. modell. he was a kind and gent
a pro football back to baltimore. former reagan's owner art modell -- former ravens owner art modell. there were plenty of stories about art modell. he was called a man of action, who loved people and gave generously. families, friends, ravens players, and fans of the team gathered for final tribute to former ravens owner art modell. >> the question he leaves us today is, if you do nothing else in life, what will you fight for? what legacy will you leave? >> he died thursday at the age of 87. he was remembered for his sense of humor and his jokes. it's bringing professional football back to baltimore, his compassion and contributions to the national football league. >> he was certainly an original. his contributions to the nfl were extraordinary. the nfl was lucky to have art modell. >> his son's talked about the strong bond had with their father, and his bonds to the community. >> he is to tell us what he thought pro sports teams were so important to the community, to bring together folks from disparate walks of life in the form of a common cause. that date -- his hope was that that
pulse 11. >> a late night for ravens fans but it was worth the lost sleep. the ravens got some breathing room towards the end of the third quarter as cary williams picks off brandon weeden which gave the ravens a 13-point lead. the browns held tough. the ravens came on top 23-16. the of the big story was the return of the nfl officials after the lockout. the officiating crew was treated to a hero's welcome at m&t bank stadium last night. fans were thrilled to see the return of the professional officials. after the game, it was clear to those on and off the field that the situation had improved. >> the communication was good. i would like to know what happened on the last play. they were excellent. guys on the sideline did a great job communicating. i think now we're on the same page. >> keith mills will have highlights coming up later in sports. >> all of baltimore has come down with a case of orioles fever. the orioles are hoping to clinch a spot in the playoffs. kim dacey has more with the big weekend in the yard. >> tonight before their game, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake will presen
to get football fans revved up... this game has more even more meaninn because of who the ravens are dddicating their season to. at m&t bank staaium with a preview of tonight's game, and a recap of some great moments on the ravens home-field over the weekend. good morning joel d. ((ad lib)) game is tonight at 7:00. vs. the bengals... honoring art modell. modell.look at this line........ an estimated....... showed up o pay their respects with sinatra muuic playing throughout the stadium to honor the life of a showman, and one of the greatest ownerss in nfl history. for so manyy fans, this was personal... they got the chance to go to field where they ove cheering on the team that art modell brought to baltimore. they were able to see the casket up close, touch thh lobardi trophy, and even talk personally wwth the family. it's on this verr field where the ravens willlplay the bengals in the monday night football opener. the first chance to put lasttyear's tough ending to rest, and all might happen this year, can 3 finally end. 3 3 the ravens field and helmet
be remembered. >>> ravens ready to take the field. what better way than monday night football. a preview this morning. getting you ready for kickoff tonight. >>> two tornados, one location, the damage and clean up going on this morning. the stories straight ahead on this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. thank you for joining us i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. the weather has changed. feels fall-like out. there how long is that going to hang around? >>> i have good news on this monday morning. you are going to love it. this nice fall weather is going to be hanging around through the rest of the week. if you have to mow the lawn, you are like i don't feel like doing it today, you can do it tomorrow or the next day. this scenario will continue as we go through time. temperatures throughout the day, waking up around 6:00, 60 degrees, 64 by 9:00, 10:00, plenty of sunshine in the forecast. lunchtime, the temperature will be at 74 degrees, few high clouds floating around, ample sunshine. get out and enjoy. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >>>
a very rare an enviable position. >> tonight but the baltimore orioles and the baltimore ravens or in first place in their divisions. let's say for that moment just for a second. gerry sandusky joins us live with an update. the big news is exploding on twitter right now. >> this is only ever happened once before, in 1967, when the ravens won their third game out of four at the start of that season and the orioles were in first place, to have a night like tonight on 9/11 with both the orioles and the ravens in first place in their respective divisions. the yankees lost putting the orioles in a first-place tie, and the ravens won their season opener over the seam -- the season opener over the cincinnati bengals. in the last time it happen that orioles were still in the afc east. the ravens banished 6-9-1 and the orioles lost in the american league championship series. they will have to build on this from here. >> now to the other big story, tonight we are learning new details about a terrifying day at a baltimore county business group predicts an eighth grader brought a loaded gun
crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle thanks so much for joining us, whether you're going to the ravens game or going to the bus stop, we have to know what the weather is like. >> i've been talking about bill, bill did a good job. we'll talk more about him later. let's get the people out and about this morning. don't forget the rain gear. you can see maryland's most powerful radar is active this morning. we're seeing lightning out there and it's heading toward port deposit. heavy rainfall coming along i- i-95. be prepared for that. also aberdeen. all sliding off toward east toward elkton. and we're dealing with heavier rain around perry hall and white marsh dealing with lighter rain. carney dealing with light rain and hampton, towson, got the bulk of the rain and then things will begin to improve for that area. now, edge water is at 65 degrees this morning. it is quite mild. let's get a check now of the abc2 time saver traffic. >> good morning, the rain is leading to a hectic commute. we have several accidents. trouble on 95 on the southbound lanes at route 100. we have another accident in b
renovated right now. >> let's go to m&t bank stadium where prime-time tailgating is going on. ravens dense the browns on thursday night football. just heard where late owner art modell has made the list. this is the long list. we've got jonathan ogden, priest holmes and the final selection is on so many sunday. tonight the ravens put jamal lewis into the ring of on north. >>> thankfully the regular refs will be back. after countless botched calls -- of course this was the disgrace on monday night football. gene steratore will work tonight's game. >>> you can watch the ravens and the browns on a big screen tv set up right here at harry run park in chesterfield. the community is coming together to heel -- heal and watch the game after two deadly shootings. free hamburgers, hot dogs, sodas will be sold. >>> the orioles bats were live last night. the orioles beat the toronto blue jays 12-2. they hit 7 home runs. manny machado led. the orioles get a day off today before beginning a weekend serial against the red sox. >>> it was a sea of orange that lit up linthicum today. the school is the gran
for the touchdown. that puts the ravens up. the browns had a chance to tie it with a hail mary. in the end, coming up right here. once again. the ball is knocked down. it was out of the end zone. the ravens win 23-16. the triumphant return of the nfl referees. there were cheers. you could hear from the fans and players, all saying welcome back. john harbaugh did have some critiques. >> welcome back to the officials. good to have the back. the communication was good. i would love to know what happened with the last one. they were excellent. >> in live report during the "today" show about how ravens fans welcome back the real referees. you can see that at 7:00 a.m. >> the ravens team that to give free cancer screenings. dermatologists were on hand. people were invited onto the field before the game. >> it is so avoidable. you can beat it. >> the ravens is one of four organizations joining the campaign. the focus now turns back to the orioles as they played their final home games of the season hosting the red sox. >> kim dacey is live to explain. >> tonight before the game, mayor stephanie rawlings-b
afternoon. the ravens officially kick their season off later tonight here in baltimore. well football is certainly on the mind of every raven's a fan, there will be more on their mind. it to be the first time the place since the death of martin o del. fans came to pay their respects to the original raven's owner who died last week. there will be several attributes, including a moment of silence. coaches will wear pins wearing -- bearing his name. the ravens players are ready for the new season. ray lewis says he has taken a big step this season. >> he is more vocal because he is more loose. he is working with payton. i think he gets a lot of flexibility. now he can take control of the offense. >> the ravens take on the bengals' tonight. you can listen to the boys. in the meantime, michael phelps will be honored at today's game. other olympic athletes for maryland, live with details. >> you should stop by the inner harbor here. they're going to put on quite a presentation. this grand, recognition ceremony to honor all of the 2012 olympians and paralympians. government wreckage -- gover
all day from members of the ravens family. the team owner said that he was my friend, my mentor, how fortunate i am to have had him teach me about the nfl. we. >>> and ravens head coach released a long statement about his relationship. he said in part art made me feel like i could accomplish anything. he was the most encouraging soul i ever came across. he up lifted everybody around him. i loved art and he loved my family including my parents. he welcomed us to baltimore with the real warmth and grace. it's often said about those in the hall of fame that can you write the history of the league without him? the answer with art is resounding. >>> for more on his life, his legacy and reaction to his death, head to the website we have a slide show of, you will find it there on the home page. >> on the weather front. the radar showing nice clearing for all of the festivals tonight at camden as we take on the yankees and reveal the big cal ripkin statue. the humidity is oppressive. classic baltimore humidity. we are carrying a little late in the season as we push toward mid-september. tho
. >> this is 11 sports. >> the wait finally ends for the ravens as they get to kick off tonight. against their rivals, the cincinnati bengals and the ravens are looking to begin with the help will be a fifth consecutive season. they beat the bengals and locked up the home field advantage. their first-ever monday night football game at home under the head coach. we will see an offense that looks different than it did a year ago. in two games, rice ran for 295 had touchdowns of 71 and 51 yards. they have stretched out the offense. joe flacco during the ball more than last season. we expect a season huddle. we hope to see them get out against the bengals. >> we hope for fast start. that is one of the expectations. in mcateer 1's mind we want to be a great team that can finish. those are the expectations and there is a lot of things in between mr. fast and you wain more than you lose. this is a tribute to art modell. there is a black circle outlined in white. the ravens and players continue to pay tribute as thousands of fans turned out to say goodbye to the man who brought football and the
the anticipatiin is growing for tonights ravens game against the browns. . refs are back.s it even more 3 back. janice park is strrammng live aa m and t bank stadium where shes bben hanging out with tailgaters arrested over a arrested overra hhmburggr... wrecked a cash register...--3 3 a cash register...soda aad wrecked why a man threw arrested over a 3tailggters arrested over a hamburger... why aaman threw soda and wrecked a cash register... taking care of your teeth.... cooing up, we ask a expert how to get deetal care.. even if you don't have insurance. 3 --adbllb eather z-- good dental health, is just as important as your overall tte costtof dennal care, may be out oo reach.what if you don't have health insurance. just keeping the regular check -up provvs to be too expensive. expensive. in tonight's take action thursdayy we're helping you take action witt your dentaa care. joining me to ttlk more abouu the options manski from the university of maryland school of dentistry &p dr. manksi, thanks for joining us.first of all, if you'rr cutting your health care expenses, som
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